Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ordinary Boyyeeeez

Ordinary boyyeeeez, day ain't kno nothin'
Ain't knoin nothin', but day be chill wit it
Ordinary hoes, jus da' plain old hoes
Day think it be trill ta' fuck witcha
Ya ain't like dem bitches
Ya's gots to be ya'self
Ya knew ya' couldn' hang
Wit those bitches no mo'
Dem' boyyeeeez
Ain't trippin', jus' crusin'
In day hoopdies
Ordinary hoes
Yeah day be blind
Cain't tell wherre day be goin'
Ya ain't like dem bitches
Ya knew ya' couldn' hang
Bitches try ta' change ya'
Bitches try ta' make ya' day own
Bitches keepin' ya in da' ghetto
Wherre day all live like pimps and hoes
All dem' lines cut right in front dem'
Day be trippin', day' be trippin'
Be trippin', be trippin'
(Ya' betta dan dat' son, keep it real)

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